Paul refuses to forgive Brennan

Kate and Brennan are finally together and couldn’t be happier, but Kate is worried about Paul’s reaction. Hoping to put Paul in a good mood before breaking the news, Kate invites Paul to dinner, but when Paul inadvertently walks in on Kate and Brennan getting amorous, he is deeply unimpressed. Believing that Brennan will only bring Kate heartache, Paul tells him that he’s not welcome in his house.

But Kate stands by her man and walks out as well, leaving Paul gutted. Paul takes refuge at Charlie’s and meets an attractive patron by the name of Naomi. He spends the evening flirting with Naomi, in an attempt to distract himself from his pain over Kate. 

The Willis kids have found out about Brad and Lauren’s missing child since Bailey accidentally told Imogen, and are shocked by the news. At first, Imogen takes Brad’s immoral behaviour to task, but beneath all this is her fear that she is once again going to have to share her father’s attention.

Terese hides her own unease with the situation behind Imogen’s issues, but when Imogen and Brad finally reconcile, Terese is forced to admit that she is also conflicted by the situation. However, like Imogen, she knows that Brad should search for his child – it’s the right thing to do.