Paul returns from New York

Paul returns from New York and Andrew is determined to make amends for his bad deeds in the hope that he can remain on the street. When he makes a plea to his father, Paul gives in and decides to cut Andrew some slack. Has Paul made the right decision? Rebecca doesn’t think so. However, Paul has bigger problems to deal with as his business is in big trouble. Paul decides nto to tell Rebecca how bad the situation is but it’s not long before Andrew finds out. Will he tell Rebecca or keep his word and so the right thing?

From watching the DVD, Lyn discovers Steph and Toadie’s baby’s conception date and works out that if Steph is sixteen weeks pregnant then both Toadie and Steph cheated on Sonya and Lucas. However, Lyn is still suspcious and is sure that this is not the full story.

Steph is worried that Lyn will tell Lucas. Lyn knows that Steph is still in love with Lucas and she believes that her daughter is hiding a bigger secret. When Lyn pushes Steph to tell her the truth, Steph cracks… and tells Lyn that it’s not Toadie’s baby, it’s Dan’s! Will Lyn keep the news to herself?

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