Paul Robinson vows to destroy Terese!

Paul Robinson's jealousy drives him to win back Lassiters and take down Terese

Having witnessed Terese and Gary’s intimacy, Paul declares to Steph that his mission to win back Lassiters is back on. He’s going to destroy Terese!

On hearing that Leo’s on the lookout for work, besotted Aaron suggests that he scopes out a job with Lassiters. Leo elicits an introduction to boss Terese in exchange for organising the group outing with Amy and David at The Back Lane Bar. When the foursome gathers, Aaron lavishes Leo with attention – but is it reciprocated?

Also, Angus is thrilled when Susan tells him Sarah is planning a recuperative retreat, allowing him to stay in Erinsborough… provided he goes to school for the term. Will Angus agree?