Paul robs his own granddad!

Paul goes to the bookies and tells Dan that he wants to pick up Jack‘s winnings. Dan can’t believe that Paul is robbing his own granddad, but when Paul offers him £1,000 to keep quiet about it, Dan readily agrees. Later, Harry notices that Jack’s winnings have been paid and congratulates a bemused Jack. Harry forces Dan to pay Jack out of his own pocket. But when Dan tries to get his money back from Paul, he refuses.

Jamie and Violet decide to keep their moving plans a secret from Sean and do a runner before the baby arrives. The couple realise that they won’t be able to say a proper goodbye to any of their friends and the enormity of what they are doing – and what it will do to Sean – starts to sink in.

Liam and Maria return from honeymoon more loved up than ever. Liam pops into the factory to see how Carla is doing after her break-up with Tony. Carla avoids telling Liam that she and Tony are back on and she doesn’t answer his questions.

Also, Gail’s annoyed that David has asked Tina to move in with him for two weeks.