Steph pulls out of the motel deal, while Brad finds out Paul took advantage of his vulnerable father and tears up the cheque. When Doug hears what happened, he’s upset – assuring Brad that he knew what he was doing and convinces him to support his decision. With certain assurances in place, both Doug and Steph return to the fold.

Terese rummages through the mysterious boxes locked in the storeroom. Inside she finds a model for a Lassiters expansion that would affect all the local small business owners. And when Mrs Quill orders her to keep quiet, Terese is left with a massive dilemma.

Xanthe’s hurt and confused when Gary won’t even see her, and gutted when she discovers the truth – that Gary sabotaged his own parole after Kyle told him he was a bad influence on Xanthe. Despite a cheer-up gift of a euphonium from Sheila and Kyle, Xanthe makes plans to bail on Erinsborough.