Naomi witnesses Paul plotting revenge, using a current “Elixa Fuel” worker – Conrad – as a tool to punish Josh for sleeping with Naomi. As ‘The Heat’ perform, a policeman arrives, acting on a tip-off that Josh is dealing illegal peptides and he’s stunned when the policeman discovers a traffickable quantity of drugs in his possession.

Piper’s suggestion that Daniel and Imogen don’t have enough in common makes Imogen worry but Naomi sets her straight – they share a sense of humour. More is revealed when Piper receives a mysterious text from someone called Chas, and it’s clear that the message has shaken her severely. 

Aaron and Josh decide to ask Naomi for help with promoting the business. Naomi reluctantly agrees as Paul claims he isn’t worried about her helping Josh and she offers the boys constructive suggestions.

Susan and Karl both watch the first episode of their new Scandi-noir box set without the other’s knowledge. Nate is in the know, however, and he finally blabs. The pair then proceed to squabble over who is the greater sneak.