Paul sets a trap for Lyn

Paul feels like he’s inching closer to Lyn’s shares and even goes as far as approaching Steph to help broach peace between mother and daughter. But when he lays on the charm a tad too thick, Lyn realises he has an ulterior motive. At the eleventh hour, Lyn flips the switch and manages to trump Paul, beating him at his own game.

When Sheila organises for Xanthe to go back to school, she distracts herself with Bossy, which annoys her new brother. And when Kyle tells her she isn’t wanted – she’s devastated. It’s not until Kyle realises the damage done that he has his first real brother/sister conversation with her.  

Sonya discovers that, under the rule of acting Mayor Tim Collins, the lovelocks are to be taken down so she ties herself to the bridge in protest. It’s a win until she discovers the council have closed off the bridge to the public – indefinitely. She’s out of options until Karl suggests she should run for Mayor in the next election.