Paul shakes up the Willis family

With news of Paul’s sponsorship offer to Hudson, Brad’s desperate to make it happen. Josh hates that Hudson keeps getting second chances and Imogen is feeling on the outer. Terese thinks it’s for the best to inform Paul of Hudson’s past slip-up with a banned substance. He immediately threatens to revoke the offer, but after a heartfelt plea from both Hudson and Chris, Paul’s goes ahead with it.

Brad is elated – until he learns Terese raised her concerns with Paul, and the couple find themselves at odds again. The row is witnessed by Imogen. Even though training together seems to be helping Josh and Hudson’s performance, Josh remains cold towards him. Meanwhile, Imogen’s pretending she’s fine with everything, but Susan starts to wonder.

Kate feels distant from Mason after their recent separate issues. But this makes her the perfect sidekick for Kyle in his efforts to organise the charity exhibition for Georgia while she’s away. But they start to realise Georgia’s original plan may not work, and with the event drawing closer, they come up with a new approach.

Mason is desperate to come up with the money he needs to pay Robbo, trying to convince Imogen to buy out his half of their shared car. But she refuses and Mason’s out of ideas.