Paul steals Jack’s identity

Paul continues his hunt through Jack’s stash tin when the coast is clear and he pockets the deeds to the house and a few bills. Paul shows the bank’s business manager round the restaurant and Leanne’s confused when the manager calls him ‘Jack’. Paul gets his loan, but reveals to Leanne that he pretended to be Jack get the loan secured. Leanne is worried by his deception but with little other options, she agrees to take Paul on as a partner.

Eileen is on a high after her successful date with Jerry and she gets brownie points with Jerry by throwing out two lads at the takeaway who are hassling Mel. Jerry is grateful for Eileen’s help and he walks her home and asks her to come over for dinner at his house. Jerry moves in for a kiss and Eileen melts.

Casey tells Ashley that she’s moving away for good and Ashley realises that he’ll miss her. Casey is dismayed when Ashley doesn’t take the bait and implore her to stay.

Also, Liz and Vernon get the pub to themselves when Steve and Michelle go off on holiday.