Karl arrives to collect Ajay for their Christmas performance and Ajay is forced to explain why he can’t attend. Karl is dumbfounded and completely understands but Ajay changes his mind and decides to give it a go. However, things look to turn nasty down at the community centre when Paul arrives determined to cause a stir with Ajay, but Ajay decides he’s not worth it and heads in to get the show rolling. Minutes before it’s due to start, Ajay gets second thoughts… until Rani arrives – she’s there to show her support for her father and the show will go on.

With Susan’s place seeming a bit crowded Karl steps up and offers Carmel his spare room. That evening over dinner, however, Carmel misreads Karl’s signals and decides to make a move on him. How will Karl respond?

Meanwhile, Sophie is confused when Rani wants nothing to do with her, until she understands the role Paul has played in the Kapoor family break-up. After having a go at her uncle, Sophie offers her support and Rani accepts.

And Chris is somewhat miffed when Aidan refuses his support before his disciplinary hearing and, when the hearing works out in his favour, Aidan forgets to thank Chris for his valuable advice. With their relationship seemingly one-sided, Chris wonders if it can survive.