Paul strikes a deal with Terese

Can Paul and Terese finally put the past behind them?

Paul is livid when Terese makes her threat and responds by saying she will never go through with it, as she has too much to lose. Terese leaves and tells Gary that Paul won’t budge. However, Paul turns to Amy and says that Terese has got him in a corner. When Leo finds out Paul’s predicament he tells Paul to compromise with Terese. Paul takes his son’s advice and calls a truce with Terese; however, what are the terms of their deal?

Meanwhile, Steph’s a little on edge when Lyn arrives out of the blue to check up on the progress of The Flame Tree Retreat. Steph assures her mother that she has everything under control. Lyn leaves and bumps into Amy and the pair have a chat. Lyn admits she wanted a role in The Flaming Tree Retreat as she wanted to feel like she’s doing something with her life. Will Amy interfere with the mother-daughter duo again?

Also, Leo and Aaron are upset when they receive an eviction notice on their flat. David tells Aaron the news, so Aaron asks Mark if David can move in with them. Mark agrees and, when Aaron asks David to move in, he jumps at the chance. Later, David is about to announce the news to Paul and Leo, when Paul reveals he’s bought the boys the penthouse next door so they can all live together. Will David decide to live with Aaron or his family?