Paul struggles to cope with Sophie

Paul’s furious about the stunt Sophie pulled and, when he needs to speak to Kate, he’s shocked when Sophie tells him Kate’s taken off. It’s then that he realises she’s acting out over Kate’s disappearance and his anger turns to concern. He appeals to Priya for leniency and she informs him she may be swayed if Sophie demonstrates remorse with a public apology.

Paul urges Sophie to put her future first, but still angry with Kate for screwing everything up and then abandoning her, Sophie continues to make things worse. Believing she’s about to apologise, Priya and Paul are horrified when she takes ownership of her actions as though she is proud of what she did. Priya’s forced to expel Sophie leaving Paul at a loss as to how to handle her.

Anticipating that Sophie’s outburst has ruined his chances to sign Red Cotton, Andrew goes into damage control and tries to salvage the music video footage. Remembering that lots of students filmed it on their phones, Andrew uses this footage to create an impressive video for Red Cotton.

However, when Summer discovers what he’s up to, she accuses him of putting his business ahead of family again. Tired of not getting the support he deserves, Andrew accuses Summer of holding him back and it looks as though this might be the end for the lovebirds.