With the opening of the new Charlie’s imminent, Paul still hasn’t come up with an appropriate name. When a package arrives addressed to Kate, Paul tells Daniel that he asked her to think about new names for Charlie’s before her death. The package turns out to be a message from Kate, with the name enclosed. With Daniel’s support, Paul can finally let go of the grief he has been harbouring. On opening night, Charlie’s gets its new name: The Waterhole, and Paul is finally able to move on.

Matt is saved by the fire alarm bell (thanks to Bailey’s quick thinking), and doesn’t have to pose naked for Lauren’s art class. However, his workmates have pinned up photos of Matt in a towel all over the station. Lauren is amused as Matt admits It was his way of sharing more of her life. It’s a wake-up call for Lauren, one that brings the couple much closer together.

Brad has not been able to come to terms with the fact that his father has Alzheimer’s, until the evening of Charlie’s opening night, when Doug inadvertently damages Rick Blaine’s expensive camera. Seeing his father’s distress, Brad realises it’s now up to him to lend Doug his support.

At the same time, Joshua, who has witnessed Doug’s humiliation at the hands of Rick, deletes the opening night photos. His act of revenge causes new cracks to appear in the surface of his relationship with Amber.