Paul is furious with Andrew for keeping his epilepsy from him and takes him to the hospital for the tests but, as Andrew feared, he won’t allow him to run Charlie’s again. Later, Tash corners Paul, telling him that he’d put so much pressure on Andrew he couldn’t tell him the truth and Paul starts to come round, realising the impact he’s had on his son. Paul apologises to Andrew at the hospital but still won’t let him work at Charlie’s and Andrew, full of despair, lashes out at Tash, who he blames for everything…

Susan learns that Karl has been trying Internet dating and is shocked when Summer reveals that he’s looking for a new life partner. Attempting to be supportive, she tries to help Karl by sifting through his options but it all gets too much for Karl and it ends in a row.

Kyle’s advertising for a housemate and Chris decides it’s the perfect place for him, but is devastated when Karl turns him down. Chris starts to think it’s because he’s gay and confronts Kyle who explains it’s because he can’t face living with anyone in a relationship right now. But Chris returns with his mother’s moussaka and convinces Kyle he’s the best candidate for the room.