Mishti is shocked at Paul’s bribe and is convinced he must have played a part in Gary and Sheila’s false alibis. When Leo finds out that Mishti is digging further into the investigation against Paul, he tells his father that he’s no longer prepared to lie for him. Later, Mishti receives news that someone has made a complaint against her and assumes it’s Paul. Mishti decides to confront Paul in the presence of Leo and Paul denies making the complaint. Does Leo believe him?

Meanwhile, Kirsha is making great progress with her sign language; however, her confidence takes a blow when she makes a simple mistake. Luckily, Shane is able to rebuild her confidence and convinces her to attend a Deaf Children Australia event. Will the event be another confidence booster for Kirsha?

Also, Dipi ends up having a night out with Amy and Elly. But will Dipi be able to forget about her responsibilities as a wife and mother and make the most of a night away from her family?