Paul takes the law into his own hands

Brennan’s concerned when he follows Paul and sees him buy a weapon. It’s clear he intends to take revenge on Kate’s killer, so Brennan tries to reason with him, to no avail. Brennan notifies Matt of Paul’s intentions, and the pair set a watch on Paul’s penthouse. Meanwhile, Paul’s organised a large package of cash and gets in touch with Victor Cleary. Brennan and Matt are stunned when they receive word that Paul’s managed to lose the officer that was tailing him. As they rush into action, Paul arrives at an abandoned warehouse but there’s no sign of Victor.

Determined to get involved in her biological parents’ lives, Paige moves into Ramsay Street. But every attempt she makes to connect with her family seems to backfire. She notices that Bailey’s troubled and believes he’s drinking, but is rudely rebuffed by both him and Imogen. After warm advice from Lauren, Paige remains determined to make these people a part of her life – but it won’t be an easy road.

Amber continues to be challenged by her feelings for Daniel. When she hears Paige is moving into the street and that Josh intends to progress his friendship with her, she’s able to justify continuing to see Daniel – but only as a friend.