Will Paul tell the truth?

Will Paul tell everyone that he didn't get married?

Paul returns from his wedding, trying his best not to be seen by Gary or Terese. Paul is left confused when Elly congratulates him on his wedding, because he left Courtney standing at the altar. It seems that Courtney hasn’t been able to tell her friends and family the truth – but will Paul expose her secret?

It’s Mishti’s first day back at the police force and the team are becoming increasingly convinced that Mark is Hamish’s murderer. When Mishti learns that the murder weapon – a garden gnome – has been wiped clean, suspicions are raised even further. Unaware that he’s under suspicion, Mark makes a confession to the police that lands him in hot water…

Also, Terese and Gary return from their holiday more in love than ever. Terese recognises, however, that Gary isn’t passionate about his work and, after a comment by Steph, Terese is determined to help Gary live out his career dreams!