Les tells Claudette to stay away from the Centenary party to make Paul happy. Claudette arrives at the party late, telling Les that Paul is a troublemaker who told Vincent they are having an affair. Les gives a touching speech about Pam. Angry with Paul when he is vicious towards her, Claudette tells him to grow up. A tearful Paul storms home, followed by a worried Pam. Paul confesses he’s upset because Les is having an affair with Claudette.

Max tells Stacey that he was covering for Abi, as she is Lucy’s real killer. When Stacey tries to convince Abi to confess, Abi attacks her, accusing her of ruining her family. Tina and Martin pull Abi off Stacey, with Tina taking Abi to Carol. Horrified when Abi reveals that Max wants her to take the blame for Lucy’s murder, Carol visits Max in prison to confront him.

Jay returns to the Mitchells’ after being given a three-month suspended sentence for theft, with a curfew. Phil is relieved Jay said nothing about Ben. Frustrated and upset that he can’t leave Walford to be with Lola in Newcastle, Jay tries to cut off his tag. Ben stops him just in time, comforting Jay as he breaks down on him.

Also, Sonia reassures Rebecca both she and Martin are there for her when Rebecca is upset Martin is having a baby with Stacey. Phil asks Billy to stop pushing him away and think of the family.