Paul threatens Kate

Paul is still trying to get Kate onside and buys Kate and Sophie tickets to see Harry in Sydney. Sophie is thrilled but Kate is not happy and tells Paul she knows what he’s doing. Kate and Mark go to Lassiter’s for food and when Mark sees Paul he asks him when Rebecca is back, which worries Paul.

Desperate, Paul tells Kate he’ll do whatever it takes to get her to agree to find out inside information from Mark, including stopping the money he gives Kate from the trust fund, Sophie and Harry. Kate tells Paul she’ll find a way to support them all without him.

Having left the faulty Christmas lights on, Lyn is clearly on edge. When she hears sirens nearby, Lyn races home, and is relieved to see that her house is OK. She quickly takes the lights off the tree, leaving one set still on, when Declan walks in asking to use Harold’s as a venue for the Citizen of the Year Awards.

Back at Harold’s, Lyn is thrilled when she gets a call from Steph saying she wants to see her. Later that day, and happy having seen Steph, Lyn tells Tim she no longer wants to pursue the appeal. He tries to talk her round with horror stories about prisons but Lyn tells him she isn’t interested.

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