Paul threatens Lyn

Toadie and Callum invite Jade to stay with them and Sonya reluctantly agrees. Back at the house, the girls have a heart to heart and she tells Jade she never meant to get involved with Callum but when she saw his name on a list of puppy raisers at work, she just wanted to see if he was OK. Then when she met Toadie, although she fought her feelings for him, she couldn’t walk away.

Jade quizzes Callum on what he remembers about his real mum and dad, and it’s clear he doesn’t think much of them, saying his real mum was a loser and stole money from his piggy bank. Sonya is thrilled when Jade decides not to ruin Callum’s happiness by telling them the truth, but she warns Sonya that Callum might find out when he is older.

Lyn tells Karl, Susan and Summer the insurance company won’t pay on the claim but lies about the reason why. Having spoken to the insurance company himself, Paul tells Lyn he knows it’s because she had taken the battery out of the fire alarm. He pushes Lyn until she cracks and tells him she was desperate. Paul agrees not to tell anyone as long as Lyn works for him, doing exactly what he wants and when he wants.

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