Paul torches the restaurant!

Paul and Leanne are nervous about committing arson but he focuses on his dream of a future with Leanne. Paul lights a burner under a frying pan full of oil and as the pan bursts into flames, Paul runs out of the restaurant and calls Leanne to tell her it’s done. Paul bumps into Amber, who hears him talking to Leanne and unsuspecting of the plot, points out that Leanne is using him.

David is nervous as Gail wills herself to remember what happened when she fell. Jason visits to assert his innocence and Gail suddenly gets a flashback. David panics and Gail realises that she and Jason were downstairs arguing so Jason can’t have pushed her. Gail is delighted at her breakthrough and hopes the rest will come back soon, but Tina and David are quietly terrified!

Ken notices the tension between Becky and Roy in the cafe and in an attempt to help he suggests to Becky that she engage Roy in some of his hobbies. Becky is less than impressed when Roy suggests they try a game of Scrabble!

Also, everyone is thankful to Harry when he rescues Amy from being run over by a builders van on the street.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Leanne puts on a prize-winning act when she arrives at the burnt-down restaurant and plays the distraught businesswoman. Paul is feeling jumpy and asks to go back to hers. Leanne reluctantly agrees, but when he gets a little too close for comfort she tells him she wants to take things slowly. A jealous Dan phones to see why Paul is at Leanne’s, and she hurriedly hangs up on him.

David is nervous as DC Weller asks to be left alone with Gail to discuss what she’s remembered and as David and Tina wait in the cafe, Tina panics that David’s guilt will be found out. Gail tells DC Weller about her latest insight into the accident, but she is deflated to hear that if she can’t remember Jason leaving the house, then he is still a suspect.

Steve is furious about Amy’s near-accident and angrily points out that with the new development going up, it was an accident waiting to happen. Later, Steve confesses to Lloyd that he wasn’t expecting to take on so much baggage when he got together with Michelle.

Also, Tony agrees to have a word with the site manager about the amount of traffic from the development.