Paul tries to hide his feelings for Gray

Paul is cold with Jonny for causing a rift between him and Gray and a miserable Jonny apologises to Gray in a bid to make things right. Paul is relieved when Gray apologises for being so touchy and makes it clear that he wants to repair their friendship. Jonny tells Paul that he loves him and Paul says it back in an attempt to stifle his growing feelings for Gray.

Diane is jealous as she watches Val with Billy and she finds her feelings difficult to deal with. Diane gets back from work to find Jack going through old photos of Sarah with Victoria and feels left out. Diane returns to the pub and drowns her sorrows with Gray, who is sympathetic to her problems.

Marlon is furious when he gets home to find that Eli has stashed stolen goods at the house. Marlon explodes at Eli and tells him to take his dodgy belongings and get out. Eli grumbles that he has nowhere else to go but Marlon refuses to back down. Marlon is stunned when Eli agrees to leave Tall Trees if Marlon will help him with one last job!

Also, Laurel returns to Emmerdale heavily pregnant and Emily feels awkward.