Suspicious of Elle’s odd behaviour, Paul starts to panic, and when he realises Elle is fleeing Ramsay Street with Ned, tries every trick in the book to make her stay, including an attempt to keep her passport.

Elle defies her dad and leaves, but soon begins to feel guilty and demands Ned take her home. However, Ned is determined to save Elle from Paul’s clutches, and reveals to her that Paul was behind her break up with Dylan.

Returning home, Karl and Susan are devastated to hear of Stingray’s death. Susan is preoccupied with the knowledge that Karl is the father of Izzy’s new baby, and unable to keep it a secret any more, she finally tells Karl the truth.

Boyd redoubles his efforts to make things up to Janae, telling her he hopes they can go back to the happy couple they once were. Clearly tempted by Boyd’s romantic gestures, Janae is given food for thought by a sceptical Bree and Steiger.

Janelle’s devastated to discover Dylan has left town with Kim on Steiger’s advice, and blames him for the loss of another son. She ends their relationship, but realises Steiger had her family’s best interests at heart and asks him to move into the Timmins house permanently.