When Paul turns up at the Kennedys, they’re not pleased to see him. He hands Susan a piece of paper, which she takes before shutting the door on him. Reading the article, Susan realises that Libby wrote a character assassination of Steph and submitted it to the paper under Susan’s name.

Knowing she’s at an all-time low, Paul uses Libby’s vulnerability to his advantage. In desperate need of selling PirateNet, Paul enlists Libby to convince the school board to buy the station.

A tearful Steph catches Libby in the street and tries to win her round with photos of them from the good days. Libby throws it back in her face by pointing out that Steph also tried it on with Drew, put Libby in hospital following the motorbike crash and is now having her husband’s baby.

Diana picks up on the sale of PirateNet and decides to stick around. With Paul believing he has won, he tells Diana to leave town. However, she tells him that she came to Erinsborough to take his job and now that he’s upset her, she plans on taking everything.

A distraught Steph knows it’s time to leave the street for a while and heads off to her dad’s with Charlie. Steph and Toadie admit it’s time to remove their wedding bands and Steph thanks Toadie for everything as she leaves.