Paul wants his day in court

It’s the day of the legal case against Chris and Paul puts pressure on Andrew to attend. Andrew, however, is feeling guilty over the whole thing and when he hears that Chris’s parents could lose their house if Paul wins, his conscience starts to get to him.

Andrew remonstrates with his father but Paul clearly doesn’t care and demands his son’s support. With only hours to go, Andrew heads over to Toadie and Chris and offers to take the blame for the accident in court. Paul has to back down and is furious with Andrew, realising he can no longer trust his son. Andrew’s going to suffer his father’s wrath for this – but how?

Lucas tries to comfort Vanessa, assuring her that Rhys couldn’t have meant what he said. Later, he faces Rhys and does the right thing, telling him to make amends with Vanessa before he loses the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Rhys eventually sees sense and heads over to sort things out, but when Vanessa realises he can’t admit he was wrong, she decides to end their relationship for good.