Paul wants Tash fired!

Paul is furious at Tash’s behaviour over the breastfeeding scandal and demands that Andrew fires her before the story reaches the papers. But Andrew stands up to his father, wanting to give Tash time to come to her senses. After a chat with Kate, Tash realises that she’s at fault and decides to put things right.

Toadie learns that Lucas hasn’t been spending much time at the hospital with Vanessa and baby Patrick, and suggests to him that it might be a good idea to do so. This annoys Lucas but he admits that he doesn’t want to spend time there as he feels he can do nothing to help. Toadie’s sympathetic but makes his friend realise that, as difficult as it is to be there, Patrick needs him. Lucas comes round and joins Vanessa at the hospital, though his feelings of helplessness still endure.

Tash apologises to Sonya in front of the mothers’ group and, after seeing what Vanessa’s going through, Sonya is happy to accept. The journalist who’s arrived to get the story isn’t happy, however, until Sonya suggests a better one – the story of baby Patrick, his fight for life and the charity foundation that’s been set up for him.

After learning how Andrew’s dealt with the situation, Paul calls round to Tash and explains that she was very close to losing her job. Later, Tash confronts Andrew and realises he might well have fired her. Furious, she sends him packing. Is this the end for Tash and Andrew?