Paul wants to drop the charges

Priya asks Paul to drop the graffiti charges to protect Rani and he eventually agrees, informing Matt of his change of mind. Matt tells Ajay, who’s frustrated with Paul’s ongoing involvement in their lives and heads to Charlie’s for a consoling drink. While there, he runs into Phillipa, a member of his karate class who’s clearly interested in him and they share a drink, though Ajay soon makes to head home. Then Paul walks in, reminding Ajay of Priya’s betrayal and he ends up leaving with Phillipa after all.

Andrew reckons Tash has been behaving oddly and Chris soon informs him it’s because she’s insecure about their relationship. Andrew tries to convince her that he loves her but it’s not enough for Tash. She wants them to abstain from the physical side of their relationship for a month to get to know each other properly and Andrew doesn’t seem to have much choice in the matter.

Amber and Bailey settle in at the school but Amber’s grades are a cause for concern. Lauren and Matt talk to her about applying herself to her schoolwork and Amber responds positively but Lauren can see she’s unhappy. And it’s about more than her schoolwork: Lauren’s keeping a secret from Lou. What is she hiding?