Paul wants to dump Zoe

Paul wants to get out of his relationship with Zoe but Andrew reminds him that Sophie’s very attached to her so he resigns himself to easing Zoe out of his family’s lives. Meanwhile, Sophie invites Zoe to the Kapoor’s housewarming barbecue where she’s introduced as his girlfriend but the final straw for Paul comes when Zoe refers to them as a parenting team. Paul takes her home and dumps her, letting her believe he was using her for her professional services. When he tells Sophie, however, her anger is such that Paul lies, claiming that Zoe dumped him and he doesn’t know why…

As Rani moves into the street, Callum’s crush on her intensifies but it’s soon obvious that Ajay is very wary of him. Andrew points out that he needs to win Ajay’s approval, so Callum offers his help to Ajay and ends up cooking for several hours, missing his chance to talk with Rani.

And Priya’s worries over throwing a barbecue when they haven’t properly unpacked proves unnecessary as the event is a great success and she realises she’s going to like living in Ramsay Street.