Andrew and Summer decide to try being friends and when he tells her about the big dance party, Summer’s really supportive. Later, she shows Andrew some designs she’s come up with for the party, but Andrew puts her off, knowing if she finds out about Tomas’ other contacts, she’ll freak out. When Tomas tries to hit on Summer, she tells Andrew he shouldn’t be working with someone like him and that they can organise the parry. Paul overhears and tells Andrew not to think about teaming up with Summer.

When Karl arrives home, he thinks Susan is in the shower and goes in to surprise her, but gets a massive shock when he finds Lyn in the shower instead! It seems Susan’s told Lyn she can stay, but hadn’t mentioned it to Karl. Embarrassed, they agree not to talk about it again! Toadie winds Karl up by suggesting Lyn planned it, and was waiting for Karl, having not had a man in her life for a while. He also enjoys winding Lyn up, telling her to spoil Karl, so things aren’t awkward.

When Karl comes home to finds all his washing done, and shortbread in the oven, he’s concerned! When he confronts Lyn, she assures him he’s the last man she’d be in love with, and they both realise Toadie has been stirring!

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