Paul warns Michael off Rebecca

Following their near-kiss, Michael and Rebecca say an awkward goodbye in Charlie’s. At home, Rebecca receives a text from Michael which Paul picks up and asks her why Michael’s texting her. Rebecca tells Paul that she had a row with Michael and he was just checking she was OK. Paul accepts this but later has words with Michael. When she finds out, Rebecca goes round to see Michael and they agree to keep their friendship a secret from Paul.

When Sophie sees Callum in Harold’s she gives him a hug and asks if they can be friends again. Callum accepts and invites her to join them for breakfast. Lou realises Toadie isn’t with them and tells them they need to help him deal with losing Steph’s case before he gets stuck in a rut. When Lou fails to get Toadie talking, Sonya tries to get through to him. Eventually they get Toadie to go to Harold’s for lunch but when Karl walks in, Toadie tells him he got what he wanted, and leaves.

At the gym, Kate walks into the guys’ changing rooms and gets flustered when she sees a half-naked Mark! At Harold’s, Kate gives in and asks Mark if he’d like to have dinner soon.

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