Paula torments daughter Jac at her weakest moment

Jac watches the sun rise with baby Emma, knowing that tomorrow she and Jonny are due in court to battle over custody of their daughter. Jac just needs to get through today so she can focus on the hearing but her carefully laid plans are thrown into disarray when her own terminally ill mother Paula, who doesn’t have long to live, tries to exploit Jac’s vulnerable side.

Even at death’s door Paula proves she still has the power to tie her daughter in knots – will Jac rise above her mother’s manipulation?

Meanwhile, when the news that he treated Nazi war criminal Josef Dalke hits the headlines, Sacha rushes to the aid of Essie, new Holby nurse and the late Josef’s granddaughter. Essie is plagued with guilt over Josef’s past, so Sacha whisks her away from the negative press attention to Wales. But when Sacha’s Jewish mother Esther learns her son has ‘eloped’ with the granddaughter of a Nazi, she furiously orders him home!

Will Sacha stick by Essie and help her come to terms with Josef’s crimes?