Paulie decides that the only way he can pay the loan shark is by going to the races and winning. Angelo isn’t big on the idea but there are no other obvious options. The brothers head off and Nicole and Charlie come along, but Angelo keep’s Paulie’s plan secret from them. They all get glammed up and Nicole encourages Charlie to enter the ‘Fashions in the Field’ competition and Paulie actually wins on a race!

Nicole is pressing Romeo to find out what happened during his big night with Indi. He finally reveals that they didn’t ‘do it’ but are really happy with their relationship at the moment and they’ll do it at another time when it’ll mean more.

Later, at school Dex teases Indi, saying she’s in love with Romeo and she becomes uncomfortable. Later, she and Romeo meet up and she tells him why she felt so awkward…

Sid and Indi are worried about Dex – he’s being very normal, which is strange for Dex’s standards! Sid thinks it’s all down to Mitzy and gives her a piece of his mind. Marilyn gets angry with Sid as she promised she would handle it, but Sid thought Marilyn hadn’t done enough. Marilyn agrees to talk to Dex.

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