Paulie is livid that Angelo has told their parents about his debt. Angelo is just trying to teach him a lesson – he can’t keep throwing money away. Charlie tells Paulie that he needs to take some responsibility not only for the restaurant fire, but for his own financial future.

Angelo and Paulie’s parents offer to clear Paulie’s debt. Charlie’s had enough of the arguments. She gets Angelo and Paulie in a room, talking. They soon admit they’ve each made mistakes and decide that family comes first. Paulie has finally got what he came to Summer Bay for – his family back.

Leah prepares to go to Africa with VJ to see Elijah, but she’s worried the trip will be for nothing. Should she continue to make plans about commuting back and forth, or is she jinxing it by thinking about it too much? Miles asks Leah how Elijah sees things, and her hesitance reveals she hasn’t actually spoken to Elijah about it. Leah calls Elijah and is relieved to hear that he’s been thinking the exact same thing.

Marilyn is curious when Mitzy suddenly feels sick. She can sense that Mitzy isn’t being completely honest with her. Mitzy reveals she has inoperable lung cancer.

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