Sonia and Dot fuss over a subdued Martin, who is devastated by the death of his mum.

Sonia feels guilty as Martin tearfully tells her he doesn’t know how he would have coped without her. Sonia panics when she realises she’s left evidence of her visit to Pauline’s by leaving her present from Rebecca at the house. Sonia sneaks into Pauline’s to hunt for the present and is nearly caught out by Dot. Meanwhile, a frightened Rebecca nervously avoids her.

Bradley and Stacey bump into each other in the Square, but Stacey is not interested in Bradley’s attempts to make his peace with her. Stacey pulls the strings with Max when he tries to end things, which makes him want her more.

Li turns up at the Miller house with a Christmas present for Mickey, but a worried Mickey hides and makes Darren open the door. Darren plots and when Li turns up again he tells her to come over tomorrow and Mickey will cook her something special. Darren is delighted when Li agrees.

Also, Stella tells Phil that there’s no room for her at her sister’s. Phil wants Stella to stay with him and he asks Ben whether he minds.