Following the incident at the PirateNet event, Rebecca is frosty with Paul and asks him to reconsider sacking Declan. He agrees and offers Declan his job back, but at the same level as Andrew. Declan is not happy about his demotion but accepts.

Rebecca and Paul are going over the books and it isn’t good news – they still need to make cuts. Declan is shocked when he overhears Paul talking on the phone about his money problems and announcing that Jim Dolan must be shut down somehow.

Paul breaks into Jim’s building site and removes safety gear and tampers with the supports and scaffolding. He then phones the authorities to complain that the building site is unsafe.

Later, Ringo gets a call from Donna who is at the building site looking for him. When Donna leans on the scaffolding it starts to move before it finally comes down on top of her. Ringo frantically calls out but she’s lying unconscious underneath the fallen scaffolding.

Natasha is getting sick of being hassled by Libby over her extra maths homework. However, Libby has Michael’s full support – he thinks it’s just what his troublesome daughter needs. When Libby receives a bunch of flowers, seemingly from Michael she tells him it’s inappropriate. However, Michael denies sending them. Has Natasha taken revenge yet again?

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