Paul’s attempt to atone for his past mistakes go wrong when Gus’s sister Laura is terrified to learn she’s talking to her brother’s murderer. Later, Elle returns alone to explain Paul’s situation, and Paul and Laura have another meeting. However, Paul is disturbed when Laura’s violent boyfriend Nick storms in, and offers to put Laura up in a Lassiter’s hotel room to shelter her from her volatile partner. But unknown to him, Laura calls Nick, telling him she’s only there to dig for information about Paul. If he did murder Gus, then she wants justice.

Meanwhile, despite Rebecca’s error, Rosie begs her not to resign, guessing that much of her lack of self-confidence stems from her current problems with Paul. After Rosie points out what a great job Rebecca has done of building a new life for herself, she agrees to stay on.

When the council call a last-minute meeting, Frazer offers to help Steph out by offering to babysit. Although Rosie is sure that spending time with Charlie will put Frazer off the idea of having a family, she is surprised when Frazer has a great time.

Also, Sophie continues to snipe about Pepper but Adam firmly puts her in her place.