Paul’s feeling guilty

Paul is riddled with guilt at the realisation that Kirsten thinks there is the possibility of a relationship with him following their one-night stand. He makes a decision to end it but lies to her that their working relationship is the reason they must remain just friends. Paul tries to keep Kirsten from discovering that his relationship with Rebecca is the real reason behind the rejection, but a chance meeting makes Kirsten see the truth.

When Rebecca confesses she leaked the class action story to Elle, Toadie and Rosie try to get Brad not to print it. But they fail and Toadie is left with no choice but to make a desperate attempt to blackmail the council into settling the case.

This backfires when Mayor Jackie leaks a story to the Erinsborough News about Steph’s complicity in the roof collapse. Toadie is shattered and comes to the conclusion that his relationship with Steph is threatening the case and he must exclude himself.

Lou is left reeling by Harold’s intention to sell up and leave Ramsay Street. Unwilling to admit how insecure he feels about his future, Lou lays into Harold. How will Lou cope without his best friend?

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