Andrew’s lying in bed looking depressed when he gets a text message from his mum wishing him a happy 17th birthday. Despite no one remembering it’s his birthday, he replies saying everything’s great.

Rebecca forces Paul to tell her exactly what Andrew did, and is surprised when Paul informs her about the file sharing with Diana. She’s even more stunned when Paul explains that Diana is out to destroy him.

Following a conversation with Diana, Paul tells her he knows she’s doing all of this as revenge for him dumping her all those years ago. Diana laughs but reminds Paul they were a good team once. Paul suggests they join forces and says he will prove how serious he is about it.

Later, Paul arrives at Diana’s hotel room. He slowly takes off his wedding ring and sets it down on the dresser with his phone. Pushing his morals aside, he lunges forward and kisses Diana as they both claw away at each other’s clothes.

However, things get worse for Paul when Diana reveals that she has no interest in forming an alliance with him and she was simply testing him to see how low he’d go.

As a guilt-ridden Paul greets Rebecca back at home, Diana is in her hotel room with the video recorder she had hidden on the shelf to capture her and Paul in action.

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