Paul’s life spirals out of control

Paul tells Alan about Rhiannon’s accusations, and Alan agrees to fall into line with him and deny everything. But then Alan fronts up to the police station with Paul’s bribery money, saving his own skin by accusing Paul of bribery. Paul tries to talk his way out of the situation by accusing Alan of lying but is forced to make a statement to the police.

Tensions between Paul and Kate go from bad to worse as Kate continues dating Mason. When Paul turns up at the hotel to see Kate he catches the pair in bed together and snaps at Mason. Just when it seems nothing else could go wrong for Paul, his sister Lucy arrives back in town.

Amber gets an expensive present for her birthday but, in the wake of the police charges, her birthday is ruined. With Amber refusing to go to school, Bailey heads there on his own, eager to distract himself from the tension at home. But he hadn’t counted on the gossip of fellow students – and when Alister pushes him too far, Bailey lets loose with violence.

Meanwhile, Matt learns that he has been officially suspended from his job, and with Mason resigning from the garage his court-case isn’t looking good. The Turner family’s troubles are only just beginning…