Diana’s disgusted to see that she’s been plastered all over the front page of the Erinsborough News. Lyn remarks that she must have done something pretty big to annoy Paul, which makes Diana a hero in Lyn’s books. Diana snarls that she hasn’t even started yet.

Diana bumps into Declan and asks why he decided to ruin both of their careers. Declan admits he stuffed up, but if it makes her feel any better Paul is hell-bent on destroying him too. Declan says that he has nothing more on Paul, and besides, Paul keeps all his important documents locked away in the house where Declan can’t get to them.

When Diana bids farewell to Paul, she gives him a lingering kiss and subtly takes his keys out of his jacket pocket. Making sure the house in empty, Diana lets herself in but when she can’t find what she is looking for she trashes the place. Out of ways to catch Paul out, Diana makes a call.

Lyn can see that Summer is more upset about Chris than she’s letting on. When Natasha continues to make jokes about Chris and Summer’s relationship, Summer finally loses it. Chris tries to comfort her, but she says after everything that’s happened with Chris, and Toadie and Steph she no longer trusts anyone.

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