Karl, Rebecca, Andrew and Declan are all by Paul’s bedside as he starts to open his eyes. Rebecca seems over eager to get Paul to talk but Karl tells her coming out of a coma is a slow process.

Andrew feels as though he is being pushed out and that everything is all about Rebecca. He lashes out when he thinks everyone is treating Paul like an invalid. However, Andrew gets a call from Declan telling him Diana has been let out of jail. Andrew rushes to the hospital telling Paul he has to remember what happened, now!

Lucas is feeling the pressure of proving to Lou that he is a suitable housemate for the girls. He considers going on holiday to get away from it all but can’t afford it, so Kate suggests they should persuade Lou to take a trip instead. Reluctantly he agrees and Lou sets off for Queensland.

At the hospital, Andrew is at his dad’s bedside, but Paul seems agitated. Andrew apologises for all the things he has done and tells Paul to get better. As Andrew goes to leave Paul calls his name. Karl and Rebecca run in and Andrew keeps pushing for his dad to speak, despite Karl’s pleas not to. Paul eventually speaks, ‘Falling. Arguing. Pushed.’

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