Paul’s on the warpath

Janelle is livid when she learns about Paul’s plans to sack hapless Ned and confronts him, but Paul maintains his decision is purely business. But when Paul wins the mysterious Mr 2 per cent’s vote at the board meeting, he gets his way and Ned is given the bullet.

Dylan attempts to make peace between Paul and the Timmins family but Paul won’t give him any leeway and vows to see the Timmins clan back where they belong in the caravan park. Dylan fears Paul is unbeatable, but Janelle and Bree tell him that this is just the beginning of the battle and they’re not giving in.

In shock after spotting Max at the local supermarket with a new family, Elle shares her discovery with Janae. Elle takes Janae to see for herself and the girls spy on Max who seems blissfully happy with his new brood. Janae wonders if Max has been living a double life for years, and she and Elle decide to keep their discovery a secret from Boyd and Steph.

Pepper can’t accept her mum has moved on, but when she’s cruel to Chris, Janae sticks up for her boss and delivers a few home truths. Later, Steiger advises Pepper to give her mum a break.

Also, unemployed Ned decides it’s time for a career change.