Paul’s plan to stitch up Mason backfires

Paul’s convinced Toadie and Ajay can’t put together a viable case for Mason in such a short time. Toadie however leverages Paul to give a statement of support for Mason which, along with one from Caroline, helps Mason get off with a good behaviour bond and community service. Mason celebrates the win by embarrassing Paul with a public gob-full.

Lauren, on learning Lyn is selling Harold’s, announces she thinks she and Matt should buy it. Matt strongly disagrees. Meanwhile, Lou decides to contact his long-neglected daughter, Ling Mai.

Hearing Georgia and Sheila arguing about how much care he needs, Kyle takes Bossy and goes for a walk. Georgia follows along, arguing that she doesn’t think he’s an invalid, but he needs help, which Kyle rejects. When he hears the hospital fundraiser is tonight, he wants to go. Georgia’s uncertain how blind-friendly the crowded event will be, but he insists he’s going – with or without her.

Amber tells Kate that once the hearing is over, Mason will want them to get back together. Later, Kate runs into Mason and tells him she hopes they can get things back to how they were. Before he can reply, he’s joined by Imogen and Kate realises Mason and Imogen are on a date.