Paul whisks cousin Hilary back to his penthouse and, in a moment of vulnerability, she reveals how her relationship with her son deteriorated as a result of a fall-out with his wife. Paul is desperate to get rid of her and ends up giving her a cheque to cover the cost of a new mini-bus, amongst other things.

Lauren finds a bottle of wine in Bailey’s backpack and she and Matt agree he needs a counsellor. Later, Matt inadvertently witnesses Dimato discussing stolen cars and the criminal suggests that if Matt looks the other way he’ll get a little extra in his pay, plus all the shifts he needs…

Sheila flirts with Harold and offers to cook him a meal. Lou reminds Harold they have a prior engagement so Harold invites Sheila along too as he’s convinced Lou likes her. But Lou’s horrified – he does not like Sheila Canning!

Georgia’s impressed when Nick reveals a softer side to his character when he offers to buy her a drink to apologise for his earlier arrogance. She is wary until Nick turns on the self-deprecating charm.