Paul’s still public enemy No.1 (VIDEO)

Paul’s stressed as he heads to work to give a statement about his run-in with the hoax caller. When Sophie then makes a dig at Paul his anxiety spills over and he berates her in the street much to Sally’s disgust. Eileen’s weary as Paul continues to be public enemy No.1!

As Roy spends hours researching pancreatic cancer his findings terrify Hayley but she covers to spare him. However, when the time comes to set off for the hospital and Roy’s nowhere to be seen, Hayley’s nerves kick in. Roy rushes in just as she’s about to go into theatre. As Hayley breaks down, Roy finds it hard to give her the support she needs.

When Deirdre confides in Carla that Peter no longer feels her equal, he feels emasculated, she’s thoughtful. Inviting him to the bistro, Carla presents Peter with a ring box. As Peter asks if this is a proposal Carla confirms it is but inside the box is the key to Underworld. Peter appears delighted about Carla’s personal proposal and her business proposition.

Also, Tracy and Rob make plans for cash converters, while Tim breaks the news to Faye that he’s leaving town. But with Sally urging him to stand up to Owen and fight for his daughter, he changes his mind.