Paul’s support surprises Priya

Under pressure with the school budget, Priya proposes suspending the Kitchen Garden scheme and has to face an angry Sonya at the school board meeting. She loses the vote but surprisingly gets Paul’s support and later ends up spending the afternoon drinking champagne with him at Charlie’s.

They enjoy each other’s company and she heads home to dinner with Ajay but receives a text from Paul inviting her to another drink at another time. It’s only a friendship but why is Priya keeping it a secret from Ajay?

Now she’s co-owner of Dial-a-Kyle, Jade wants to work alongside Kyle but she proves more of a hindrance than a help and Kyle doesn’t know how to tell her. Rhys advises honesty but then Kyle watches her do a great deal with a supplier and they come to an agreement – she manages the suppliers and he does the work.

Ajay embarrasses Rani when he insists Callum’s not allowed in her room, suffering her indignation as a result. Later, he asks Susan’s advice on how to handle such situations but she suggests Callum’s a safer bet than most teenage boys and when Rani and Callum return, a struggling Ajay gives them full permission to watch TV in Rani’s room.