Paul’s upset when Rebecca leaves

Following his proposal, Michael tries to convince Oliver that he and Rebecca are doing the right thing, but Oliver isn’t convinced. When Paul sees Rebecca wearing an engagement ring, he tells her he is going to make their divorce as long and messy as possible. Doing the right thing by Rebecca, Michael tells her she has to leave because Paul’s not going to stop while she’s here.

Rebecca reluctantly agrees but before she goes she has to do something. She heads over to Susan’s and tells her she was the one who pushed Paul. She hands Susan the signed form from Paul and asks her to file it, telling her she needs to get Kate to come forward as she gave her a false alibi. As Rebecca sets off, she tells Paul she’s never coming back and he breaks down, apologising.

Kate begins to worry about how many girls Mark has dated following a conversation with Jade. When she asks Mark, he tells her he doesn’t want to have that conversation. Inside the bar, he confides in Lucas that he doesn’t want to admit how many girls there have been and so Lucas tells him to say there have been nine other girls. When he tells Kate nine, she knows he’s lying and is relieved when her tells her she is his forth.

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