*First episode*

Paul begs Carla to take him back, but she tells him she can’t forgive him and a distraught Paul admits that he’s been seeing escorts for three years. An enraged Paul calls the agency and books to see Leanne, who is surprised when he turns up. Paul tells Leanne to leave Weatherfield or he’s telling Liam everything. But as they leave the hotel, Paul grabs Leanne and bundles her into the boot of his car…

Liz is sheepish when an upset Linda turns up in the Rovers and tells her that she thinks Derek is cheating on her. Liz tries to comfort Linda, but she later calls Derek and tells him what’s gone on. Liz needs time out from her complicated love life and tells Vernon she’s going to visit Bev and Shelley.

David has had enough of lovebirds Sarah and Jason and when he hears Sarah suggesting to Jason that he move in permanently, it’s the last straw. David tells tales to Gail and insists that Jason’s presence would disturb his studying!

Also, Denise thinks Ken needs to stop flirting with his two families and commit to one or the other.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Paul is determined to pay Leanne back for destroying his life and his marriage, and with Leanne still in the boot of his car, he plots to force her to confess her sordid life to Liam. Paul calls Liam and tells him to meet him at his flat. Meanwhile, a terrified Leanne manages to get to her mobile and she calls Janice for help.

Janice is horrified by Leanne’s call and she tells Liam what Paul is up to. They race to intercept Paul, who is speeding back to the flat. But Paul is so overwrought that his driving is dreadful and he loses control of the car, causing a spectacular crash. Janice and Liam arrive and pull a bruised and battered Leanne from the boot, but Paul isn’t so lucky. Liam is devastated when the ambulance arrives and it’s clear that his brother’s life is in the balance.

Also, Gail tells Sarah that she can’t agree to letting Jason move in with them. Sarah is furious with David for interfering in her plans.