Hugely underrated, highly entertaining and crammed full of thrilling action, this sci-fi thriller stars Ben Affleck as a genius computer engineer hired for a top-secret project.

Catch is, for his $92million salary, he will have his short-term memory erased lest he should sell company secrets. But, three years after agreeing the contract with Aaron Eckhart and work completed, he wakes up with no memory – and no money…

With killers on his trail, Affleck is determined to escape his fate and finds he has mailed himself a series of everyday objects which, used in correct order and at the right time, will save his life and reverse a fearful process that he has unleashed.

The chain of clues is far-fetched but clever and Affleck gives one of his best performances.

As a scientist, Uma Thurman helps Affleck in a non-stop parade of fights, chases, shoot-outs and hairsbreadth escapes from death.