Pc Beth Green signs off in style!

Pc Beth Green has decided to transfer to a job in the witness protection programme. But before she leaves Sun Hill, she and Pc Nate Roberts are called to a domestic disturbance, where they find a woman unconscious at the bottom of a flight of stairs.

Her husband, who’s bent over her, is someone they know, too. It’s Charlie Davies, the man they interviewed the day before about drug dealing at his boxing club. Charlie’s story is that when he told his wife, Eve, about his affair with another woman they had an argument, which led to her tripping and falling down the stairs.

When Eve regains consciousness, she tells the police that Charlie pushed down the stairs. But Beth isn’t convinced – especially when she finds out that Charlie’s daughter, Annie, has stolen money from him. With the help of DI Samantha Nixon, Beth digs deeper into the family’s history. What they discover leads them to the stunning truth about what really happened between Charlie and Eve.

With the case solved and Beth at the end of her last shift at Sun Hill, it’s time for her to say goodbye to her colleagues… and she has a very special way of bidding Nate farewell!